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May 15, 2021

WWE Closes Down Talent Management Group

Last year, WWE began looking to fill positions for a Talent Brand Management department that would help develop WWE Superstars’ brands both in and outside of WWE. This included third party bookings for film, TV, sponsorships, among other things.

The group was short lived as WWE has already shut it down, according to PWInsider.

Below was a description from WWE of what the department would bring to the table.

“WWE Talent Management Group will deliver best-in-class 360-degree support of Talent across all internal lines of business and key external partners, amplifying Talent brand value and maximizing monetization opportunities for Talent and WWE.”

The report noted the decision to end the group was made a few weeks back and the it only existed for four to five weeks.

The division’s creation likely stemmed from WWE looking to tighten up its hold on talent working individually with third parties, like Cameo or Twitch (or even mentioning them on social media).

For several months now, WWE has not allowed talent to create unauthorized content through third party providers. Going on the guise that the contractual ownership of the likeness of their performers includes all social media accounts, regardless of whether the accounts use the stage names or the real names of the talent.


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