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August 28, 2021

New WWE NXT Logo Revealed Ahead Of Major Revamp

The new logo and branding for WWE NXT has been revealed.

We reported recently that the yellow and black brand is set to undergo a major revamp, with reports of a new logo, stage, and format, it appears as if that change is almost ready to launch, with Wale revealing the updated NXT logo on his official Twitter page.

NXT is dropping the trademark yellow and black for a more bold and colorful design, with some likening it to AEW Dynamite's colorful graphics. 

WWE is in the process of revamping the CWC (Performance Center) with the new look for the show expected to be revealed on September 7, 2021.

WWE is reportedly not looking to sign anymore indy talent going forward as they have done in the past for the NXT brand.


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