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August 2, 2021

Shane McMahon Announced As Executive Chairman Of Ideanomics

Ideanomics announced Shane McMahon has been appointed Executive Chairman of the Board. Jim Cassano will become the new Vice Chairman.

McMahon has been involved with the company since 2010, and previously served as Vice Chairman. Prior to Ideanomics, McMahon served as Executive Vice President of Global Media for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., where he oversaw the company’s consumer products, digital media and publishing divisions worldwide as well as all international revenue streams for WWE.

“We recently launched the transformation of Ideanomics as we vertically enter the exciting EV and hydrogen fuel cell space. We now have a powerful management team in place to ensure Ideanomics’ success,” said McMahon. “I’m proud of what the new team has achieved in such a short amount of time and more importantly, I am thrilled for what’s yet to quickly come. I look forward to helping the company’s growth, vision, and momentum stay on track as we enter this new phase for Ideanomics.”


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