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September 17, 2021

Sean Waltman Shares Heartwarming Text Exchange With Triple H After His Heart Surgery

The friendship between Sean Waltman and Triple H is a bond that can never be broken.

WWE COO Triple H recently had heart surgery which caused concern among members of the WWE Universe. While it’s been reported that he will make a full recovery, situations like this can still be terrifying.

Speaking on the latest episode of Pro Wrestling 4 Life (via Wrestling Inc), Sean Waltman spoke on the situation and went out of his way to remind listeners of the positive impact that Triple H has had on the pro wrestling industry:

“The health of the entire industry outside of WWE probably wouldn’t be what it is right now if it wasn’t for him, which maybe (laughs) that’s why he has heat right now,” Sean Waltman joked. “He picked the whole business up. Picked WWE up, but at the same time, it raised the awareness of a lot of stuff. They have some of it on the Network. They host ICW out of Scotland, things like that. I’m grateful for that because regardless of what somebody corporate might think, that’s good for everyone.”

Waltman also shared a beautiful story of text messages between the two members of D-Generation X following Triple H’s heart surgery:

“I haven’t talked to him on the phone, but we had this running joke, Paul and I,” Sean Waltman said. “We’d be talking forever, be on the phone for an hour or two, and finally, whenever it was time for Paul to get off the phone, he’d go, ‘Are you going to be around later?’ And he never called me later. It was just, it’s time to take this home. I heard the news just like everyone else, and I just texted him, ‘Hey man, I’m glad you’re gonna be around later,’ and he just said, ‘Me too. Love you, kiddo,’ and that’s it. That’s the extent of what I know. I wasn’t gonna say, ‘Tell me what happened.’ I don’t need to know. I just need to know he’s okay (Waltman starts choking up).”

It was stated on the podcast that Triple H was probably dealing with a lot of pressure right now, due to all of the changes currently happening in WWE NXT. In response to that, Waltman had some advice for his long-time friend:

“I’ll just say this, the things you got to deal with lately, after this, I would seriously consider just cashing in and spending time with my family and saying, ‘F–k this.’ He’s got [three beautiful daughters and] a beautiful house up on a lake in New Hampshire that I would never leave if I had it,” Sean Waltman pointed out. “I’m just saying, if it was me.”


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