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November 23, 2021

Stephanie McMahon Provides An Update On Triple H

WWE revealed some potentially scary news earlier this year when it informed fans Triple H had undergone surgery following a cardiac event. The details surrounding exactly what happened to The Game remain unclear. He has been off TV ever since, and before that in fairness, as well as absent from NXT tapings, presumably so he can continue his recovery at home.

Very little has been revealed in the more than two months since WWE broke the news that Triple H would be undergoing heart surgery. The Game tweeted fans a couple of weeks later, letting them know he was okay and thanking them for their support. Talk Sport's Alex McCarthy has now shared a further update after speaking with Stephanie McMahon over Survivor Series weekend.

When McCarthy asked McMahon how her husband is doing, she reportedly informed him that The Cerebral Assassin is “doing great”. Not much, but at least it's positive and a sign that Triple H is recovering well from whatever the event was and the surgery he needed to fix it. No word on if and when Triple H will return to NXT to oversee the brand.


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