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January 25, 2022

Nick Khan: WWE Wants To Work With ‘Real’ Players In The Media Industry

WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan wants to do what’s best for business.

In an interview with John Ourand of SBJ, Khan shared the company’s mindset regarding its business deals by noting that WWE wants to work with those who can be considered a “real player” in media.

“In what is now a cluttered OTT subscriber marketplace, it only made sense to partner with somebody,” said Khan. “We want to be in business with everybody who is a real player in this business. Understanding the business — where it’s at and where it’s heading — is a key part to all of this.”

The WWE President also looked back on his move to the company in 2020. Khan has been criticized for being an outsider, in terms of his connection to the wrestling industry, but he noted that Vince McMahon and other executives wanted to bring someone who would be “taken seriously” in the media marketplace.

“Part of what I believe he was looking for in bringing in someone from the outside was to make sure the community at large didn’t treat it that way,” said Khan. “We believe we’re a global content company. Vince believed that WWE was at a place where it had earned a seat at the adult table, but others in the company didn’t see it that way. For the company to be treated the way that Vince, Stephanie (McMahon), [WWE executive] Kevin Dunn and myself and others believed it should be treated in the community, you needed executives who reflected that, who had range, who could get people on the phone and who could be taken seriously by their peers.”

Throughout Khan’s time with the company, WWE has continued to bring in record profits and reach new heights with its Peacock deal, among other moves, though the company has also come under fire for its cost-cutting maneuvers. Most notably, the promotion has cut numerous superstars and employees, even after the height of the initial COVID-19 surge had passed.


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