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February 3, 2022

WWE Caps Off 2021 With Record High-Revenue

After a tumultuous year that would see WWE return to regular touring following the emergence of the global pandemic and numerous superstars released by the company, WWE ended 2021 with record-high profits. WWE recently released their Q4 2021 earnings report and the report shows that the company ended the year with record-high revenue of $1.095 billion.

WWE issued the following:


Fourth Quarter 2021 Highlights

Revenue increased 30% to $310.3 million

Operating income increased 131% to $83.6 million

Adjusted OIBDA1 increased 90% to $97.2 million

Returned capital to shareholders totaling $59.0 million, including share repurchases and dividends paid

Full Year 2021 Highlights

Revenue increased 12% to $1.095 billion, the highest in the Company’s history

Operating income increased 24% to $259.0 million

Adjusted OIBDA1 increased 14% to a record $327.1 million

Launched WWE Network content on Peacock, NBCU’s streaming service in the U.S., providing a larger audience and increasing viewership for WWE’s premium live shows, original series, and vast library

Announced a new strategy for premium live events, which focuses on staging these events in stadiums rather than arenas, and utilizes targeted dates to maximize WWE’s live audience potential

Completed consumer product deals including partnerships with Blockchain Creative Labs (Fox) to launch an NFT marketplace and with Panini to be the exclusive provider of WWE trading cards

Created the Next in Line program to recruit the next generation of WWE Superstars, which was initiated with 16 collegiate athletes, including Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson

Returned capital to shareholders totaling $202.0 million, including share repurchases and dividends paid


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