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April 2, 2022

Triple H Returns To WWE Television To Send Off Tommaso Ciampa After His Loss

Triple H made a surprise appearance after the match as fans in the American Airlines Center in Dallas cheered them both on. The segment was only shown to Peacock Premium Plus subscribers, but the announcers replayed a clip from the appearance.

After the loss to D’Angelo, Ciampa stood tall and looked around the crowd as a “thank you Ciampa!” chant rang out. Ciampa then made his exit up the ramp but Triple H came out and they embraced. Triple H said a few words to an emotional Ciampa in his face, and then raised his arm in the air as the ovation continued.

Triple H and Ciampa then shook hands and embraced again before sharing a laugh and leaving together.

Ciampa paid tribute to Triple H during his entrance by doing The Game’s signature pose on the apron.


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