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June 15, 2022

WWE's board investigates secret $3 million hush deal from CEO

The board at World Wrestling Entertainment is investigating a secret $3 million settlement between longtime CEO Vince McMahon and a departing employee with whom he allegedly had an affair, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Since April, the board has been probing the January 2022 deal, which reportedly bars the former employee from discussing the McMahon relationship or disparaging him.
And the board may be looking at other, older nondisclosure agreements involving claims of misconduct by McMahon and top executive John Laurinaitis, according to the report.

A spokesman told the paper that WWE is cooperating fully with the board inquiry, and that McMahon's relationship with the first employee in question - hired as a paralegal - was consensual.

Early findings by the board - which contains several company executives as well as members of McMahon's family - suggest that McMahon used personal funds to pay former female employees that signed the nondisclosure deals, the WSJ said.

source:  seekingalpha.com


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