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December 24, 2022

Paul Levesque Named As One Of Westfair’s 2022 Persons of the Year

During 2022, Westchester and Fairfield County saw surplus number of professionals rise to the top of their industries with innovative leadership skills, often addressing tumultuous social and economic situations with inspirational intellect and an undiluted sense of passion for their work.

In compiling our list for 2022’s Persons of the Year, we are reminded that the concept of “business as usual” is nowhere to be seen in this gathering of the region’s best and brightest.

Paul Levesque, chief content officer of WWE, Stamford.
After the scandal involving longtime WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon’s departure amid press reports of hush money paymentsto former female employees regarding alleged harassment, the company moved far beyond mere damage control with a new vibrancy focused on inventive marketing — most notably the clever “White Rabbit” multimedia campaign highlighting the reappearance of wrestler Bray Wyatt — and a response to fan input by returning popular wrestlers who were previously forced out by McMahon. Much of the credit for this new level of excitement has been traced to Levesque, who is best known to wrestling fans as “Triple H.” Levesque’s content focus has helped boost TV ratings and put WWE stock up 15% higher than its level when McMahon was still in charge — and financial analysts are no longer dropping rumors of the company being a target for sale.


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