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January 13, 2023

What Triple H Told WWE Talent Before Tonight's SmackDown

There has been a lot of uncertainty since Vince McMahon returned to WWE. McMahon revealed his intention to return last month in letters exchanged with WWE's Board of Directors. While the board was initially unanimously against McMahon's return, he found his way back as the company's Executive Chairman.

Many have wondered what that would mean for WWE's creative direction. Paul "Triple H" Levesque took on the role of Chief Content Officer after McMahon left the company back in July. While McMahon has insisted that his reason for returning is to help secure a new media rights deal, and to help facilitate a possible sale, some have theorized that his ultimate goal is to once again run the creative team.

Fightful is reporting that Levesque held a talent meeting hours before the January 13 episode of "SmackDown," which emanates from the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The report notes that Levesque told talent that McMahon is back to "lead the charge" and figure out who to sell the company to if a deal were to take place. It was also said that Levesque tried to pour cold water on reports that a sale was already a done deal.

The report mentioned that Levesque assured talent that nothing that is going on with McMahon will impact the creative direction of the main roster shows. "Triple H" admitted that anything can change, but for now, he's still in charge of the company's creative direction. Levesque reportedly thanked the talent and said he understood why there would be concern backstage.


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