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February 7, 2024

Attorney For John Laurinaitis: Most WWE Management Knew Of Ashley Massaro’s Allegations

Tim Marchman of VICE News reports that a lawyer for former WWE executive John Laurinaitis, says that most WWE management knew about Ashley Massaro’s allegations that she was raped in Kuwait during a WWE tour in 2006. Massaro had claimed that top executives, including Vince McMahon and Laurinaitis, told her not to talk about it.

McMahon was accused of covering up the alleged incident and of sexually harassing Massaro, according to legal documents and people who knew her. Marchman writes that an attorney for Laurinaitis confirmed that the latter was aware of the allegations, and that “most upper-level management did.” WWE previously claimed that executives were unaware of the claims.

Per Marchman, the Naval Criminal Investigation Service opened an investigation into Massaro’s claims after her death by apparent suicide in 2019. The investigation closed in January 2020, per an NCIS spokesperson, and further information could not be released without doing so through the Freedom of Information Act.

Massaro previously said WWE covered up her rape. Marchman states that people who knew Massaro say that Vince McMahon sexually harassed her. Additionally, Marchman states that what Laurinaitis’s lawyer says is corroborated by a former WWE doctor.

Laurinaitis’ Lawyer Responds To Ashley Massaro’s Allegations

In the report, Marchman cites Laurinaitis’ lawyer, Edward Brennan, who responded to questions about Ashley Massaro’s allegations.

“Any allegations that Mr. Laurinaitus helped to cover up an alleged rape allegation is an outright lie,” Brennan wrote. “Johnny, like most upper level management at sometime became aware of the allegations and ensured all proper WWE protocols were followed, including privacy for the alleged victim. We object to the use of the term cover up as no such plan or plot ever took place to hide or assist in the alleged rape.”  

Furthermore, Marchman states that a spokesperson for TKO declined to comment. A lawyer said to represent McMahon did not respond to requests for comment either.

McMahon and Laurinaitis are both implicated in Janel Grant’s lawsuit, in which she alleges that they engaged in sexual assault and sex trafficking of her. 


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