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June 16, 2024

Triple H Discusses His Relationship With CM Punk

The relationship between CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) and Paul "Triple H" Levesque has been similar to that of a rollercoaster, with a notable low occurring in the years leading up to Punk's sudden exit from WWE in January 2014. Fast forward to 2024, Punk and Levesque are now riding a high. Following Punk's surprise appearance at WWE Clash at the Castle, Levesque spoke about the evolution of their relationship during the premium live event's post-show press conference.

"We saw eye-to-eye [back then], but it was angry eye-to-eye," Levesque said. "It was opposition eye-to-eye. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have him back. I cannot tell you how exciting it is, for me, to see the Phil Brooks that I wanted to see then. And while maybe my efforts to get that were taken wrong, and it's what led to friction, I always knew the Phil Brooks that I see today was inside there. He just couldn't express it in the right way. As much as [WWE] has changed, he has changed, and I have gotta tell you, it's amazing. I am excited for the future, and I'm excited to not just work with him, but to be around him. He's a pleasure to be around in the locker room. He's a pleasure to be around as a performer."

As Punk continues to contribute to WWE on-screen, Levesque pointed out that he also makes a backstage effort to help the talents surrounding him as well. Punk has specifically been an asset to the "WWE NXT" locker room, with NXT Champion Trick Williams previously describing him as a "mentor" that's open to sharing his knowledge to anyone who approaches him.

While currently recovering from a torn triceps, Punk has made sporadic appearances on WWE television, most of which have been tied to his ongoing rivalry with Drew McIntyre. His latest outing at WWE Clash at the Castle saw him yet again cost McIntyre the World Heavyweight Championship.


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