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November 21, 2013

Jim Ross Gives Detailed Explanation Behind “Good vs Evil” In Pro Wrestling

How many great movies or TV shows have you seen or how many books have you read to where there wasn't a definitive hero or villain. Villains can take many shapes and forms whether it be war, disease, a bully, a coward, a cheat, etc. Great villains in the sports entertainment genre are people that a fan will pay to see them get their ass beat.

It's a simple formula that is timeless.

Obviously, today's pro wrestling villains come in different presentations, more often than not ill planned, but nonetheless having antagonists who people want to see get their mouth shut and ass whipped still sells.

In real life there is a fine line, in many cases, between good and evil. However, TV wrestling isn't real life. It's show biz and most every show biz presentation that you or I have ever enjoyed had a hero and a villain component.

These two entities, the good guy and the bad guy, both from opposite sides of their own exclusive fences come together to eventually compete for championships while along the way they have a clearly established personal issue with which the average viewer can relate.


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