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November 18, 2014

Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Wearing Connor's Cure Bracelets

Brief backstory of the new Bracelets for #ConnorsCure. When Connor first found out he was seeing his "Queen of the WWE" again, he insisted he get her something. He decided on making her a beaded necklace, as he put it, something "pretty" for her. First the little guy asked me if his high School girl Erica would be mad at him, cause in Connors mind he and Erica were getting married soon as possible:)) when I assured him it would be ok, he sat down and started making Steph her bead necklace. It was a difficult project for him because after his brain surgeries he had trouble with fine motor skills. But the never give up boy fought through it, and made sure it was just the way he wanted. He also took the time to make bracelets for her daughters. Connor was so excited to give Steph her necklace. When Steph seen it her eyes gleamed with happiness. It was a Raw night and Steph as usual looked incredible. When she came out to the ring, she had taken off her beautiful jewelry she was wearing for t.v. and what did she have on, Connor's bead necklace. She even took the time to rearrange the letters on the beads so you could see Connor put the letters I Love Stephanie on the necklace. Connor was ecstatic to see she was wearing his present to her. He was, and should of been, so proud of himself. It was not easy for him to make. And God knows how proud I was of him. Now, as Steph continues to show her love of kids and commitment to ConnorsCure, they now are making the beaded bracelet in Connors memory, with all profits going to fight cancer. As Connor said in beads, I Love You Stephanie!! In this picture you can see Steph on TV wearing Connor's present:)) - ConnorsCure Instagram

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