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November 17, 2014

Latest Details On TNA’s New TV Deal, Rumored Networks & More Programming

The frontrunner to land the domestic TV rights to TNA’s programming is one owned by Discovery Communications. Discovery currently owns 14 domestic networks but the two rumored to land TNA programming include Velocity and Destination America.

Velocity was available in 58 million homes as of 2013 and is an HD-only network. Destination America was available in 57 million homes as of 2013 and has an HD Simulcast (like other cable networks such as Spike TV). How both networks compare to Spike TV is they are available in significantly less homes. Industry estimates have Spike in 98.7 million homes.

It is certainly possible that TNA will get more clearance on their new domestic TV deal. While their deal with Spike gave them a two-hour weekly slot in prime time for Impact, that was it (aside from occasional specials). They currently distribute TNA Xplosion and British Bootcamp internationally and Dixie Carter made it abundantly clear in a piece she did with Grantland.com that she wanted two things with a new domestic TV partner – stability and more hours. Below is her quote:

“We will die a slow death on the vine if we just stay as one two-hour show in the U.S.,” she says. “I have big decisions to make. I want this to be a big play. I don’t want this to be a status quo play.”

TNA already has TV tapings scheduled for January and those tapings will be for their new network. While we wait for TNA to announce their new domestic TV deal, here’s what we know:

TNA will continue to air on TV in the United States from 2015 and beyond
The final first-run episode of Impact will air on Spike TV on Wednesday, November 19, 2014
TNA’s new TV partner is rumored to be Discovery Communications
Rumored networks to house TNA programming include Velocity and Destination America
TNA will be available in fewer homes in the United States
Dixie Carter wants more than 2 hours per week and the new domestic deal has the possibility of more weekly hours

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