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January 17, 2014

Dana White disagrees with WWE Network aspect, says McMahon "hates" UFC, talks Flair at Fight Night

UFC president Dana White says he does not think WWE made a good decision putting their monthly PPVs on the WWE Network as part of the $9.99-per-month offering.

White addressed the topic following the UFC Fight Night card on Wednesday. White was asked if he would consider putting UFC PPVs on their similar "Fight Pass" offering.

"Vince is a guy who is a trailblazer," White prefaced. "Who knows. Maybe that works for him. Doesn't make sense to me... Now you're seeing a lot of the distributors talking about dropping them. DirecTV and others, too, talking about dropping them."

White continued with his overall feelings of frustration with WWE and McMahon. "He's a trailblazer and it's hard to doubt Vince when you look at what he's done. Good for him. I hope it works out for him and it's successful for them.

"I have nothing (against WWE)," White added. "He hates the UFC. We don't hate the WWE." Asked if McMahon really "hates" UFC, White replied, "Sometimes it does seem like it. I wish him and WWE nothing but the best."

This led to a question about "sharing" Brock Lesnar's services for WWE and UFC PPV cards. "Never know," White grinned. "Do we talk? Yeah, me and Brock talk."

White also addressed WWE Legend Ric Flair appearing at the Fight Night card on Wednesday. White said Flair "called and wanted to come" to the event and he met Flair in-person for the first time.

"A lot of the WWE guys love the UFC. They come and stuff. It's just Vince that doesn't love it. All the other guys do; just not Vince," White said.

source: pwtorch.com


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