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January 3, 2014

Details on How WWE Is Helping Talents Manage Their Money, Prepare for the Future and More

WWE has their developmental talents doing classes and seminars, treating it like it's almost similar going to college. The idea is that they are trying to teach talents to not screw up like most people from the past had done and have skills for a post-wrestling.

They are going to have talent classes in marketing themselves, programs in teaching how to manage finances, college tuition reimbursement programs, media training and language courses.

WWE has formed a partnership with Money Management International to help the talents with their financial planning for the future. They will have classes that teach budgeting, debt control, help with choosing a tax professional, as well as helping them choose people to be financial planners and to help them with taxes.

They are also working with Kevin Sullivan Communications (not the WCW Kevin Sullivan) to teach talent media training, like how to avoid bad press on Twitter. Sullivan is the former White House Communications Director under George W. Bush

Developmental talents will also be given seminars in injury prevention and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Read more at their corporate site.


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