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January 29, 2014

More Backstage News On CM Punk Leaving WWE And His RAW Meeting With Vince McMahon

While CM Punk is still being advertised for Elimination Chamber and may appear on some other advertisements for upcoming live events, word is that he will eventually be pulled from those as well. In the last week, two different people with knowledge of Punk's situation have noted that he was "as good as gone" from WWE when his deal expired in July and one person said they didn't expect him to even last until July.

Regarding Punk talking to Vince McMahon at RAW before he went home, word now is that Punk didn't see Vince until 7:30pm. Earlier reports said that Vince had the creative team start re-writing RAW just after 6pm when he found out Punk was leaving. The reason the Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio match on RAW went so long is because it came during the period that was laid out for Punk's segment and the match had to go a second segment to cover the time.

There has been a working assumption within WWE creative for several weeks that Punk was leaving in July and would not sign a new deal. Sheamus will be replacing Punk at all SmackDown tapings where Punk was largely advertised as the main star.

source: wrestling observer


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