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July 4, 2009

Review: WWE Raw at Vector Arena

It was always going to be a moment among moments for the fans. The hulking behemoths and lithe starlets of World Wrestling Entertainment have made New Zealand a regular fixture on their tour schedule since 2006, but it took until last night for the two biggest names in the business to find their way to New Zealand's shores.

And when they stood in the ring together, the Vector Arena roof almost couldn't handle the roaring of the thousands-strong audience.

WWE veteran Triple H and relative new-kid-on-the-block John Cena, arguably this generation's answer to Hulk Hogan, faced WWE Champion Randy Orton and the Big Show in the main event.

Cena, eight years into his WWE career and one of the company's biggest merchandise-movers ever, has a white-gangsta persona and a never-say-die attitude which was the perfect hook for the innumerable amount of children who turned up with his t-shirts, gimmick chains, wristbands, baseball caps, styled championship belts and all sorts of other 'Cenation' branded miscellanea.

Triple H, for his part, doesn't do too badly in the merchandise stakes either, but is more popular for his old-school influenced brand of wrestling. No flashy moves cribbed from the Mexican and Japanese wrestlers, no flying leaps of faith from the top rope - as he always does, he kept last night's efforts clean and simple with a tried-and-trusted array of grapples, slams and melee attacks...More?

source: nzherald.co.nz

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