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February 26, 2010

Who and Who Should Play Lobo in the Live Action Picture?

Ever since the mention of a Lobo live action film, there has been lot's of speculation regarding who should play the Last Czarnian. Well, this writer has his favorite. After much deliberation, it boils down to this; only a professional wrestler can play the Scourge of the Galaxy. There are many, many actors who could portray the Main Man, in attitude and facial features (think Ron Perlman), but couldn't possibly be in the physical condition (ergo; be ripped) it takes to play the Space-Dolphin Savior. SO, with that being said, who in the professional wrestling world could play the Lobotomizer? Like I stated earlier, I have my favorite, But lets list some of the possibilites.

#1)The Undertaker
#2)Kevin Nash
#3)Dave Batista
#4)Mike Knox or Kane or Abyss

#5 and my personal favorite to play Lobo in the live-action film..............)
Triple H: Paul Levesque has the physique, the size (6'-4"), and most importantly the face!!! Any self-respecting Lobo fan can admit that Bisley's Lobo is probably the best drawn. (although a case can be made for Martin Emonds in my opinion). The first few pages of Lobo's Back will give anybody wishing to see what I mean a perfect example of why Trips would be great for this role. You can also look at his acting, you cannot be successful in Pro Wrestling if you can't act (or "talk" as it may be). The character of Triple H has the persona, and the comedy it would take to pull this off. And the intensity in which Triple H is portrayed would do nothing but help this particular role of "The Baddest Man in the Galaxy"...More?

source: comicbookmovie.com


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