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April 3, 2012

This Day in Wrestling History

Frank Gotch defeats George Hackenschmidt in Chicago, Illinois to win the World Heavyweight Title, ending Hackenschmidt's near-three-year-long reign. Gotch's American Heavyweight Title, which he had won on December 17, 1906 from Fred Beell, was vacated. Gotch held the title until retiring in August 1912.
April 3, 1908

Gorilla Monsoon & Cowboy Bill Watts defeated Gene Kiniski & Waldo Von Erich for the WWWF(WWE) Tag Team title.
April 3, 1965

Happy Birthday to Lance Storm
April 3, 1969

Alundra Blaze defeated Bull Nakano for the WWF(E) Women's title.
April 3, 1995

Triple H defeated Chris Jericho for the WWF(E) Intercontinental title.
April 3, 2001

Batista pinned World Heavyweight Champion Triple H after the Batista Bomb to win the title, ending Triple H's fifth reign at WrestleMania 21.
April 3, 2005


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