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November 26, 2012

This Day In Wresatling History

After yet another "retirement," Frank Gotch returns to action defeating Carl Hammerschmidt in Minneapolis.
November 26, 1912

Charlie Cutler defeats Ed "Strangler" Lewis in Chicago.
November 26, 1913

The first, and only, head-to-head Pay-per-view war between the WWF and NWA/Jim Crockett Promotions, takes place. After years as a live and closed circuit event, the decision was made to turn Starrcade into the very first non-WWF Pay-per-view wrestling event. However, WWF countered them by presenting the very first Survivor Series. Due to WWF's track record with Pay-per-view (Wrestlemania III was the biggest event of its kind on PPV), many cable systems opted to present WWF's event over the unproven Starrcade. The result was Survivor Series pulling in a 7.0 buyrate, while Starrcade (on a lot less systems) did a 3.3. Cable companies stepped in after this showdown and made it clear that they would not allow the companies to go head to head (at least PPV to PPV) again.

The first WWF Survivor Series was held at the Richfield Coliseum in Richfield, Ohio, drawing 21,300 fans to see the first in-ring meeting of Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant since Wrestlemania III. The show was a unique event, as the card was made up of four elimination matches, one of which featured 10 tag teams in one bout.
November 26, 1987


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