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January 27, 2015

1/26 WWE Raw Viewership Soars Despite Royal Rumble Backlash and Canceled Arena Taping

The “Winter Storm Juno” edition of Monday Night Raw on January 26th turned out to be the most viewed episode since July. The show, which was filled with interviews and replays from this weekend’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, averaged 4,420,000 viewers, which is up 7.8% from last week.

Raw’s first hour started with a strong 4,468,000 people tuned in, then grew to 4,657,000 in the second hour. The third and final hour, which featured the end of the Royal Rumble match, dropped to 4,135,000 to end the night.

While Monday’s show is still the lowest ranked post-Rumble episode in several years, considering there were no live matches and most of the show was pre-taped content, WWE should be content with this week’s numbers.

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