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January 7, 2015

Former WWE Writer Talks About Working With Company, Stephanie McMahon As Lead Writer, Storylines With Vince Mcmahon

WrestlingINC.com recently spoke with Lucha Underground Co-Executive Producer Chris DeJoseph to discuss many topics, including his time as a creative writer for WWE. Below are some of the highlights:

On how a typical work day at WWE was like:

“It depends on the day. Wednesdays were usually the day back at the office where our week would start. We would pitch segments. At the time Raw had 11 segments, and you would pitch your 11 like a mini-version of the show. Somebody like Brian Gewirtz would take all those ideas and take the best ideas out of it and put a show together. Thursday or Friday we would meet with Vince [McMahon] and begin working on the shows, go back to the drawing board and start writing the show. You’d write the show over the weekend, sometimes get feedback over the weekend. Usually Sunday you’d get on an airplane. Then you’d work the entire time on Vince’s plane, which was horrible. You go to a meeting, you go through the show, there’s changes, there’s re-writes and you produce the show. Then you get in a car and go to the next town, get on an airplane and start all over again.”

Working under Stephanie McMahon:

“I wonder who you talked to. Working for Stephanie wasn’t horrible. She was always good to us, as good as she could be. She was in a management position and handling a bunch of things creatively. But she had so many other things she didn’t have much input on what went on the show. I can rarely ever remember her pitching an idea that got on the show or pitching anything at all. Usually just listening and saying no. She was a good boss, a nice lady.”

Vince McMahon faking his death angle:

The plan was that we would see who would rise to power in his absence, but Vince McMahon had faked his own death to see where everyone’s hand was. That was kind of it. I don’t think we ever found a solution for ending that, which happens a lot with Vince. That’s how some stories get lost there.

Vince McMahon’s “son” angle:

Yeah I was there. The original idea was for Mr. Kennedy to be his son. I think Vince hated Kennedy. The crowd loved him, and everyone there loved him, but he didn’t wanna go there. The ending of the story was taken away and before you know it, it was Hornswoggle.

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