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January 5, 2015

Stephanie McMahon on Her WWE TV Character, WWE Network Having Something for Everyone

Stephanie McMahon just spoke with The Sun in the UK to promote the launch of the WWE Network there. Below are a few highlights:

The WWE Network:
"I think the beauty of the WWE Network is that there really is something for everyone. We have the most passionate fans in the world. The Network, as well as all of our programming is designed to give them a creative experience worthy of that passion."

Her character:
"I portray a villain in a storyline, because WWE is a live action adventure soap opera. WWE is entertainment, not reality. I am not the evil authority-abusing character as seen on TV – although maybe some people think I am. As well as being the Chief Brand Officer of WWE. I am a working mom to three daughters, I am a wife and I even have my own workout DVD geared towards women of all fitness levels!"

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