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March 12, 2015

Backstage Jealousy Between Triple H and Bill Demott, Which NXT Superstar is in the Middle of This?

There are certain stories that have begun to have some light shed on it regarding Bill Demott, Triple H and current NXT Champion Kevin Owens.

Bill Demott was the agent for the Owens vs. CJ Parker match at NXT R-Evolution and was said to be unhappy with how the match went.

Demott was heard being upset with how the match was finalized and booked, including Owens doing a flip from the ring to the floor.

Demott reportedly complained to Triple H about the match and Triple H just said to let Owens do what he wants.

This led to a lot of jealousy and heat from many in the company, especially since most of the talent is managed under a microscope and told not to wrestle “indie style.”

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