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March 12, 2015

Lawsuits Expected to Be Filed Against WWE Following Bill DeMott Resignation, Backstage Update on Talents Speaking Out & More

According to F4WOnline.com, WWE is likely expecting lawsuits to be filed against the company following the recent NXT training controversy and subsequent resignation of Bill DeMott.

This is one of the reasons WWE was very careful not to admit any guilt or wrong doing in statements made regarding DeMott. It’s also speculated that DeMott received a very substantial severance package from WWE, one that likely includes a non-disclosure agreement, hence DeMott publicly maintaining no wrong doing. DeMott recently turned down an interview with NBC Orlando.

With regards to talents speaking out against DeMott, it’s being said several WWE employees were aware of the complaints, but did not expect so many people to go public with them since most wrestlers dream of one day returning to WWE.

It’s also being said that while they were under contract to WWE, some of the talents now speaking out against DeMott claimed the stories about him were untrue when asked by WWE officials.

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