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March 14, 2015

Were Some Accusations Against Bill DeMott Exaggerated?, More Backstage Talk From WWE Developmental

While most of the accusations against former WWE NXT trainer Bill DeMott that have came out are from early 2013, some of the stories dated back to his first run as developmental coach that ended in 2007. Issues with DeMott are one of the reasons why WWE had cameras installed in the Performance Center and why all practices are filmed. The company wanted video proof to defend themselves with in case there were any potential lawsuits in the future. As noted, WWE officials are expecting lawsuits to come out of the DeMott controversy.

The issues with DeMott were no secret among people within the company and many were surprised that he still had a job. There was a feeling that the controversy was a timebomb that could go off at any time and it did.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that a number of people who were around developmental then note now that most of the stories from Austin Matelson (Judas Devlin) were true but some were exaggerated. WWE noted in their statement that they completed a full investigation into Matelson's accusations and the way they handled that investigation was heavily criticized among people close to developmental, at least the ones that are talking.

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