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March 18, 2015

WWE Issues Statement On Piracy Arrest

The UK's Police International Property Crime Unit has raided the home of a 55 year old UK man and arrested him for illegally uploading WWE and UFC content. TorrentFreak.com described the man as "one of the world's most prolific uploaders of both UFC and WWE content." It's believed the man went by the name "Sir Paul" on torrent sites. The man is accused of uploading 3.2 terabytes of copyrighted content, or around 3,000 videos, which have been downloaded more than two million times and cost WWE and UFC lost revenue.

WWE Senior Vice President of General Counsel James Langham issued a statement to The Daily Mail:

"WWE provides many options for our fans to watch our content lawfully - on television, pay-per-view, and digitally via YouTube and the WWE Network. We will continue to protect our intellectual property aggressively and combat piracy in any form."

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