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March 17, 2015

WWE Lawyer Talks About the Wrongful Death Lawsuit from Nelson Frazier's Widow

The Boston Herald has an article about Cassandra Frazier, widow of former WWE Superstar Nelson Frazier Jr. (Big Daddy V, Viscera), filing a wrongful death lawsuit against WWE over her husband's death.

The lawsuit is being brought by Konstantine Kyros, an attorney who filed a class-action lawsuit against WWE on behalf of Vito LoGrasso and others for failing to protect talents against brain injuries earlier this year.

WWE's attorney Jerry McDevitt was interviewed for the article and it was noted that WWE will likely "seek sanctions" against Kyros for bringing frivolous lawsuits against them. They feel Kyros is just looking for a payday. McDevitt pointed out how WWE provides health and wellness services for all performers, even when they retire. He said:

“They just ignore these things and allege whatever they feel like alleging. You can’t do that as a lawyer. You have to be basing your allegations on a reasonable investigation of the facts. It’s not some creative writing exercise to see if you can get media attention.”

McDevitt said Frazier’s case is “tragic” but the nearly 500-pound performer’s death had nothing to do with his career as a pro wrestler:

“It’s an embarrassment to be a lawyer sometimes. It’s ridiculous that someone can ... try to blame someone because a gentleman with a weight problem died of a heart attack in the shower eight years after he last preformed. It's ridiculous to try and blame someone for that."

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