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April 22, 2015

WWE Announces NXT “On the Road” Tour Dates; Complete City Listing and Ticket On-Sale Details

Earlier today, WWE NXT announced its official “on the road” tour dates, and below is a complete list of cities being visited:

Friday 4/30 in Lakeland, FL at The Armory. Tickets currently on sale.

Friday 5/1 in Tampa, FL at the UACDC Gymnasium. Tickets currently on sale.

Saturday 5/2 in Cocoa Beach, FL at the Cocoa Armory. Tickets on sale.

Saturday 5/8 in Largo, FL at Minnreg Hall. Tickets on sale now.

Thursday 5/14 in Philadelphia, PA at The Tower Theatre. Tickets TBA.

Saturday 5/16 in Albany, NY at the Washington Armory. Pre-Sale on 4/30 using pre-sale code CAPITAL.

Saturday 5/23 in Starke, FL at the Starke Armory. Tickets on sale now.

Friday 5/29 in Citrus Springs, FL. Tickets now on sale.

Saturday 5/30 in Venice, FL at the Community Center. Tickets now on sale.

Thursday 6/11 in Pittsburgh, PA at the AE Theatre. Tickets TBA.

Friday 6/12 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Agora Theatre. Tickets TBA.

Saturday 6/13 in Columbus, Ohio at the LC Pavilion in Columbus. Tickets TBA.

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