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May 5, 2015

Backstage News on Sami Zayn's WWE Status

Regarding Sami Zayn's shoulder injury suffered on last night's RAW in Montreal, the injury apparently came before the match with WWE United States Champion John Cena even began. As Zayn was making his entrance, he was raising his arms to get the crowd hype and it looked like something happened to the shoulder then.

Zayn started showing signs of an injury then but worked the match anyway. As seen during the match, the referee threw up a "X" symbol and a WWE trainer checked on Zayn before he was allowed to finish. Sami did appear on the stage for the post-RAW Pat Patterson Appreciation Night segment but his shoulder was bandaged up.

Zayn will be having a MRI today to find out how bad the injury is. It should be noted that Zayn was away from the NXT ring with an injury until April 2nd with a shoulder injury.

Last night's match is being called Zayn's official RAW debut but we don't know yet if this means he is on the main roster for good. Zayn is scheduled for more upcoming WWE TV tapings but that could obviously change with the MRI results.

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