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May 5, 2015

Big E Talks New Day Getting Over, Having 'Uphill Battle' After First Xavier Woods Promo

SLAM! Wrestling has an interview with Big E, who was promoting last night's RAW in Montreal. During the interview, Big E talked about the New Day gimmick starting to get over.

"It's cool because it feels very organic," Big E said. "I think a lot of times when you say, 'This is what a talent is and this is how we're going to push him in this direction and it doesn't matter what the crowd says or what they do,' sometimes you can make that work if you shove things down peoples' throats, but a lot of times there's resistance toward that."

Big E noted that it's been an uphill battle getting the group going since Xavier Woods first confronted himself and Kofi Kingston on RAW last July, which you can watch above at the 2:20 mark.

"If you remember the original promo with Woods in the red and white suit, that happens and then we disappear for a couple of months," Big E said. "I think there was some buzz with that, which we were all excited for, and then that kind of just disappears. And then when you see us again, we're in a different incarnation of what people thought we would be. For us, it was kind of an uphill battle to get things off the ground for the first several months, but I think more than anything, we believe in our talent.

"It's really cool to get to this point of things feeling organic, where we're not in a box that people are force fed, and that's something we're excited about. I think it's a cool thing to not necessarily have a strong label. But I do think we're going to start moving in a certain direction that'll make it pretty easy for people to figure where we're going."

Big E also discussed preferring WCW to WWE when he was growing up, his physique, joining WWE, power lifting and more. You can read the whole interview by clicking here.

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