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May 3, 2015

ESPN Reporter Michelle Beadle Banned From Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight; Blasts Triple H & WWE For Supporting a “Serial Abuser”

ESPN reporter Michelle Beadle – who has been a huge supporter of pro wrestling over the years, and was the host of all kinds of WWE mainstream press during this year’s WrestleMania week blitz – has apparently turned in her fan card following Saturday’s big Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas.

Beadle, who was in Vegas all weekend doing promotion for the fight through ESPN and HBO (a co-producer of the event) had her press credentials revoked by Team Mayweather/SHOWTIME, effectively banning her from the super fight. Along with CNN reporter Rachel Nichols (who was also banned), the duo has been outspoken against Mayweather’s history of violence against women, which spans over a decade and includes multiple convictions.

Michelle, who wrestling fans may remember was the ESPN host that sat down with Brock Lesnar for his shocking announcement prior to WrestleMania, has apparently had enough with WWE and Triple H’s public support of a “serial abuser”. She posted the following on her Twitter:

"I've loved @WWE for a long time. But @TripleH and his love for a serial abuser is too much. I'm turning in my fan card. #WasFunWhileItLasted"

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