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June 25, 2015

NWA Announces Details Of New Streaming Service

The National Wrestling Alliance has announced its latest and most ambitious project to date:

"NWA Classics 24/7!" And it is scheduled to be launched on July 4!

"What's more American than hot dogs – apple pie – and the National Wrestling Alliance?" asked NWA President R. Bruce Tharpe. "This is a project that we are extremely excited about. It's something we have been investing in and working on for over five years. We believe that once it is launched, 'NWA Classics 24/7? will be very well received."

The vintage collection of wrestling videos is from the personal library of legendary Houston Wrestling Promoter Paul Boesch, and comprises matches from the late 60's to 1986 featuring some of the most legendary wrestlers of all-time. Paul Boesch brought in the very top wrestling talent from around the World, and this collection features them in some of the greatest NWA matches ever seen. Some of the matches being released the first month on "NWA Classics 24/7?

* Harley Race vs. Andre the Giant for the NWA World Title!
* Butch Reed vs. Magnum TA!
* NWA World Title Match – Flair vs. Wahoo!
* Kevin Von Erich vs. Chris Adams!
* Dory and Terry Funk vs. Mil Mascaras and Jose Lothario!
* Gino Hernandez vs. Putski!
* Butch Reed vs. Buddy Landell in a "Shoeshine Match!"
* Ivan Putski vs. Abdullah!
* Brad Armstrong vs. One Man Gang!
* NWA World Title Match – Flair vs. Terry Taylor!
* NWA World Title Match – Flair vs. Butch Reed!
* Nick Bockwinkle vs. Bruiser Brody!
* $20,000 Two-Ring Battle Royal!
* Plus – Early Shawn Michaels footage! JYD! Jake "the Snake" Roberts! Hacksaw Duggan! The Rock n' Roll Express! And more!"

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