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June 4, 2015

Rumor Mill - TNA Force Talent To Cancel Bookings With Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling

TNA management have barred any talent working for them from working for any promotion on broadcast television, which includes the traditional ones such as WWE and Ring of Honor, as well as Lucha Underground. However, they are also no longer allowing talent from working for Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling promotion even though it has no TV deal. The premise of this comes from Tyrus (formerly Brodus Clay in WWE) taking bookings with GFW this summer, who had to cancel the bookings and posted the following on Twitter:

Due to contractual obligations I will not be working for GFWs up coming shows #CardSubjectToChange sorry for any inconvenience #NuffSaid

This comes not because of GFW taping for television, but in Dave Meltzer's words, "because he'd be working for Jeff Jarrett". TNA officials reportedly threatened to fire him if he didn't cancel the bookings. Karen Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett's wife, tweeted out the following in response:

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