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June 6, 2015

Former WWE announcer Justin Roberts buries Triple H in SI interview

Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts is making media rounds promoting both his appearance at Legends of the Ring tomorrow night in New Jersey, and the release of his upcoming autobiography detailing his life and career in professional wrestling. That includes a lengthy interview with SI.com.

In it, it's revealed Roberts talks about Triple H extensively in his book. Well, he buries him in the interview.

Here's an excerpt:

"Hunter is portrayed as the savior of wrestling, and people think he'll save the business once he's in charge. We all thought that, too, until he started running things. Paul started overseeing a bunch of divisions and one of them was live events. When he took over, our live events schedule was brutal. We'd start in one place and flew all over. Since he used to be one of the boys on the road, we thought he'd stand up and stop that, and he didn't. The schedule got worse.

"Hunter started squashing stuff that really started getting over. If you notice, it's all about the future, and the future is NXT. But focusing on the future shouldn't mean ignoring the present. Zack Ryder got over huge to the point to the point where the crowd was cheering for him at Madison Square Garden while The Rock was standing in the ring. Dolph Ziggler got over. Primo and Epico [now known as Los Matadores] are fantastic wrestlers, but they get lost in the shuffle. There is a glass ceiling, and anybody they don't want to get over is squashed despite the fans strongly getting behind them. Daniel Bryan is a rare exception, despite the company fighting it over and over."

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