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June 4, 2015

Samoa Joe Talks His Unique WWE Contract And Being In WWE

We've noted how Samoa Joe had reportedly signed a full-time WWE contract after impressing officials with his work at the recent NXT tapings and due to the success of his t-shirt sales.

The new deal will not see Joe go straight to the main roster as he will be a focal point of NXT for a few months. Obviously Joe is expected to end up on the main roster, possibly fast-tracked as they've done with Kevin Owens.

Regarding Joe and Ring of Honor, he is still teaming with AJ Styles to face Kazarian and Daniels at the July 20th ROH TV tapings and this will likely be Joe's farewell but the company was looking at using Joe for more dates until the news came out about the full-time deal with WWE. We've noted that Joe will still be fulfilling all indie dates that are scheduled but WWE will likely come first if they needed him on a date that was already booked for an indie.

Samoa Joe on now being 'WWE Super Star Samoa Joe' and his unique contract:

"Careers and fate have a funny way of working, and I guess a lot of people, myself included at some point, didn't think that those were words that would be said together - but here we are now and I'm very happy with it."

"It's a real new concept and I was definitely the test case for the new deal that I have. And it was definitely something that they felt would be beneficial for wrestlers who have an established career and aren't really new to the game, in a sense of speaking. […] I was really mattered that I was a part of that first initial run of test cases to try that concept out, and I hope it leads to over very talented individuals getting a chance to join the ranks of WWE."

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