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June 4, 2015

WWE Responds To Lawsuit From Widow Of Big Daddy V, How Much Money Did He Make While With WWE?

WWE lawyers recently tried to move Cassandra Frazier's wrongful death lawsuit to Connecticut. Frazier is the widow of Nelson Frazier Jr., who worked as Viscera and Big Daddy V. Lawyers noted that Frazier died from a heart attack with contributing causes being morbid obesity and diabetes on his death certificate and he had alcohol and drugs in his system.

WWE also noted that Cassandra contacted them and said she was destitute so they sent her a check for $10,000 as an advance on future royalties. In the suit, it was revealed how much Frazier earned in the years that he was regularly employed with WWE:

1994 - $127,659.15
1995 - $100,648.78
1999 - $159,001.44
2000 - $136,951.85
2005 - $124,252.74
2006 - $152,659.55
2007 - $178,359.64
2008 - $251,223.65

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