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July 24, 2015

Hulk Hogan Rumored To Be Done With WWE Again; Hogan Goes On Racial Tirade?

In a developing situation, it appears as if WWE Hall of Famer and current Tough Enough judge Hulk Hogan has parted way with the company. The reason stems from rumors of a tape existing featuring Hogan allegedly going on a racial tirade.

Hulk Hogan's profile has been removed from the Alumni and Hall of Fame sections of WWE's website, all of his merchandise has been removed from WWEShop.com, and Hogan has been removed from the cast listing on Tough Enough's website. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer noted that the WWE Website was told to remove all references to him.

In addition to this, Curtis Axel, who has been playing a parody of Hogan in recent months, had his profile photo switched from the parody character to his normal persona. You can see his profile at this link.

Hogan returned to the WWE in 2014, after over six years away from the company.

Hogan tweeted the following early Friday morning:

In the storm I release control,God and his Universe will sail me where he wants me to be,one love. HH

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