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August 25, 2015

Dudley Boyz Return to WWE

During last night’s episode of WWE RAW saw The Dudley Boyz returned to WWE television after ten years. The Dudleys returned as a huge surprise, and got a huge pop from the Brooklyn crowd as they took out WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day.

The Dudleys are back full-time with WWE and will be travelling with them on the road for live events, including their advertised Smackdown return this Thursday. It’s speculated, but still unconfirmed that the team has signed a multi-year contract with WWE.

According to reports, Bubba and Devon were hidden from everyone at RAW last night, and almost no one knew about the return until they were near the curtain to make their entrance. Several top WWE officials were some of the few to know beforehand, and then the production team knew as they cued up the video, music and pyro, as well as having merchandise already produced.

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