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September 20, 2015

CM Punk And AJ Lee Starring In Movie Together

CM Punk and AJ Lee are starring in a movie together.

According to mbnnewsvideoweb.com, the former WWE Superstars will co-star in Hellstorm, an action-horror motion picture. The plot is as follows:

After the collapse of the world's financial system and a devastating world war, a group of mismatched survivors are forced to band together and battle a variety of unexplainable and horrific beasts that descend on their tiny makeshift community.

The film also stars Mat Fraser (American Horror Story), Colleen Camp (American Hustle), Selene Luna (My Bloody Valentine), Kate Hodge (Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III) and Brian Goff (BorderCross). Shooting begins in mid-November in Ohio.

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