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September 20, 2015

Family comes first for Roman Reigns

A lot has happened in Roman Reigns' career since the last time SLAM! Wrestling talked to him. He was injured, won the Royal Rumble, was in the middle of a controversy he couldn't do anything against, main-evented WrestleMania and started teaming again with former Shield member Dean Ambrose. But even if he had a banner year, Reigns has still one focus in mind: his family.

For most WWE Superstars or professional wrestlers, being injured can be disastrous. Some will fear they might lose their spot or even their job while some others will rush their return and therefore expose themselves to more injuries in the future.

Not Roman Reigns.

"I wouldn't change anything because regardless of what happened or what could have happened, I really feel like I took advantage of that time that I had off," Reigns told SLAM! Wrestling. "The most important thing for me will always be God and family. And I was able to spend a lot of needed time with my family. I was able to get married as well. So for me I was able to take care of so many personal things which in the long run, makes the best performer. Everything happens for a reason, I'm a better performer this day for all that, so I wouldn't take anything back."

Winning the Royal Rumble last January should have been something fun for Reigns, but instead, it will be remembered as the one Daniel Bryan didn't win. In fact, the WWE Universe was so mad that Bryan, their hero, was eliminated from it, that they turned on Reigns, not because of something he did, but only because he was the chosen one.

"I just keep doing my thing and believe in myself. Any time I had any kind of doubters or anyone trying to hold me back, it makes me want it even more...More?

source: slam wrestling

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