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September 10, 2015

WWE Officials Reportedly Hold Meeting Regarding NXT Talent Pay Structure; Will They Start To Get Bonuses?

PWInsider.com is reporting there was a meeting at the WWE Performance Center last week that addressed the NXT pay structure.

Over the past several weeks and months, the idea of NXT talent getting pay similar to main roster stars has been discussed, more now since NXT is more of a third ‘brand’ and not developmental. One of the things discussed was live gate percentage bonuses, which will not happen, according to reports. Talent in NXT will still be paid based on their developmental contracts; one of the reasons is because NXT operates at as loss right now. Between coaches and staff salaries and WWE PC cost, there is not any money to share from live events.

It was mentioned that although NXT talents are on lower paid contracts, they do have travel costs paid for, and they do see money from merchandise, which was not available to developmental in the past.

Some talent was said to be unhappy with the decision, since they are selling out larger arenas, like the December tour of the United Kingdom. It is worth noting, and has been brought up before, that for every sellout show they run, there are a number of live events with lower attendance (like in Florida) which offset the profits and are a reason NXT still runs at a loss.

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