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October 20, 2015

Celebrity To Host Breaking Ground, Premiere On Social Media, WWE's Kevin Dunn Comments

The AP reports that actor William Shatner will narrate the 10-episode WWE Breaking Ground series. The premiere will air on WWE's Facebook and YouTube channels this Sunday after Hell In a Cell, then debut on the WWE Network after Monday's RAW.

WWE Executive Producer Kevin Dunn commented:

"I wouldn't say we're pulling back the curtain at all. We're telling real stories of these real people and the hardships and difficulty of making it to the WWE. I don't think we're giving it away. You're just going to see how this process actually works."

"It's not about NXT. It's about making it to the WWE."

"I think new is always interesting on any level, especially when you have new stars on any TV show."

Dunn also said the return of WWE Tough Enough is uncertain.

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