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October 20, 2015

Strangulation And False Imprisonment Charges Against TNA Star Dropped, TNA Issues Statement

The Florida State Attorney's office has declined to prosecute TNA star Bram (Thomas Latimer) and the charges of domestic battery by strangulation and false imprisonment were dropped. As noted, Bram was arrested on August 30th in Gulfport, Florida after an incident with his girlfriend.

Police wrote in their original report that Bram admitted holding his girlfriend down by her throat and refusing to let her leave their bedroom but he still plead not guilty. His attorney issued these comments to PWInsider today:

"Our office is pleased to announce that Mr. Latimer's case has been successfully resolved, resulting in a decision by the State Attorney's office whereby they have declined to prosecute our client on the aforementioned charges. Our office has always maintained that once the entirety of the facts, evidence and witness statements are brought forth, our client would be exonerated of the allegations."

Bram will be returning to TNA action soon as the company suspended him until the issue was resolved.

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