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October 30, 2015

Phil Campbell of Motorhead Discusses their Latest Album and Triple H's Song Request

5 Questions With Motorhead’s Phil Campbell

Motorhead fans packed this year’s awesome Motorboat Cruise and guitarist Phil Campbell pulled double duty on the boat as he performed two shows with Motorhead and two shows with his All Star Band (featuring his kids). We had the opportunity to chat with Campbell overlooking the deep blue seas about the new Motorhead release Bad Magic. He also shared his gusto for Motorboat 2016 but not the same enthusiasm for any heavy touring next year.

What was the most memorable moment about creating the latest Motorhead album for you?

When we finished it! No, it was good. We went into the recording studio instead of a rehearsal studio so when we came up with some good s— we recorded it down and then we could build on it all instead of waiting six to eight weeks put it on a CD and leave it. This time it was a greater process, we were spiraling out of control so it was good.

Bad Magic — what does that album title mean to you personally?

Actually, we just thought it sounded really cool. We’re a badass band and to make some of that music it’s kind of magical so it’s an apt title.

The band covers the Rolling Stones classic “Sympathy for the Devil” on the album. How did you decide on what song to cover?

[Wrestler] Triple H wanted us to do some stuff for a podcast or something and there was a list of things and ideas. I said I wanted to do a [David] Bowie cover, which we did, as well, and then the Stones we tried, as well — it was suggested to us. It was good, it sounds like a party song at the end.

Is it ever strange for you when famous people like Triple H look up to you and the rest of Motorhead?

It is.There are people I’ve looked up to when I was younger – it’s good when you get to meet people you admire. Sometimes you become good friends. It’s a blessing, I’m not complaining.

What does the rest of 2015 and maybe into 2016 have in store for you and Motorhead?

Some time off, I believe, thank God! It’s been the longest year ever! Then we get going again but hopefully next year will be a lot quieter. It was too much for us, I want to do half the amount of shows next year. One tour just rolls into the next. The cruise is good, I have my kids here so it’s quite a good way to wind down. I’d like to do it again next year.

source: loudwire.com

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