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December 3, 2015

Brad Maddox Talks WWE Release, Practicing Promos With The McMahons, Being Frustrated In WWE

Brad Maddox recently spoke with Gary Mehaffy of F4Wonline.com. The full interview can be heard above where Maddox talks about going to OVW first, how he considers Joey Mercury a mentor, learning promo work from Dusty Rhodes, working with CM Punk and more. Below are highlights:

If using the word 'prick' in a dark match promo got him fired:

"It was because of that...That particular night was a bad decision on my behalf…I didn't think anything of it, but Vince wasn't happy about that. I don't know if it's a generational word that maybe used to be worse than it is now….I didn't really think it through, but I should have been more careful in that moment because I knew Vince was watching. I tend to take chances at stupid times."

Being frustrated in WWE:

"It has been a long couple of years for me, working on angles and ideas trying to get (back) in. I've always wanted to wrestle...Absolutely, I wanted to wrestle from the get go…I could have talked to Vince more than I did, rather than sitting around in catering hoping that the writers were coming up with something for me."

Practicing promos with Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon:

"I've got to do some cool stuff. Going over promos with Vince in his office, or the bathroom of his office – for some reason! – with him and Daniel Bryan and Stephanie."

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