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December 1, 2015

More Backstage News on Tommy Dreamer’s Status in WWE and TNA, Promoting House of Hardcore on Raw and More

As seen on Raw last night, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer made his return to WWE and aligned with The Dudley Boyz in their fight against The Wyatt Family.

According to PWInsider.com, it is not known if Dreamer has signed a full-time deal with WWE, but he most likely has not.

Dreamer was previously scheduled to work as a producer for TNA during its India tour, but with that being canceled it provided a window of opportunity for WWE to bring Dreamer in to help with the Wyatt/Dudley feud. Dreamer is not signed to a TNA deal, so it’s entirely possible WWE could sign him to a full-time, longer term deal if that’s what both sides are interested in.

As for what Dreamer was wearing on Raw last night, it was interesting to see WWE allow him to wear a House of Hardcore t-shirt, which is Dreamer’s independent promotion. With regards to the Polk-a-Dot pants Dreamer was wearing on Raw, that’s something he has been doing since one of his heroes, Dusty Rhodes, passed away.

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